Is revealing nature of human a sense, or rather it come down to a prosaic need to be repeated, valued?

We need art appropriate to the scale of our times. We need to find S.E.N.S.

„The small is beautiful but the large overpowers”*

What is a SENS of S.E.N.S?

SENS is an enchantment over creation of the universe.
SENS is a creation of pure art.
SENS is a persistent searching.
SENS is a knowledge.
SENS is a communication.

Super energy gives S.E.N.S

S.E.N.S like Cosmos should be predictable in its operations.
S.E.N.S dreams.
S.E.N.S exists and fade.
S.E.N.S interactively connect art with engendering, technique and technology.
S.E.N.S calls Artists, Visionary, Young Creators to create perfect works with us.

S.E.N.S Tea,

*cite – Grzegorz Korytowski